Aneurysm Road Trip

Someone recently asked me what I remember from the early days of my hospitalization. The one thing that stands out is the feeling that I was in lots of different places.

In real life, I woke up in Palmetto Richland, and my window looked out on the Bull Street property. I was surprised at the time because I thought I was at Lexington Medical Center. At one time, I also thought I was in the hospital at Florence, Georgetown and the North Charleston jail. (Missy Gentry actually brought me Starbucks in North Charleston!) One time I was in a Disney condo; another time I was in a Food Network studio. Still another time I had tests run at road-trip-4f92d2145df84the Carolina Coliseum, in what used to be the journalism school, and I had a really mean nurse.

It was all a big blur, like a dream. I don’t know if it was the medicine or the aneurysm, but I really thought I was in different places. And I remember each place with a high level of detail. I’m not sure what significance each location held. Perhaps someone in the room was talking about it. In the case of North Charleston, it’s probably because I’d just been to a concert there and the police shooting was in the news.

Odd, huh?

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