Am I Falling Apart?

Just like I’ve been collecting  new tools and gadgets for the kitchen since September, it also seems like I’m collecting aches and pains in the last five months, too!

When I started working out with  the trainers, I knew I had some knee issues. Growing up and through my 30s, my right knee dislocated several times, and the last time, I had surgery – a lateral release. Perhaps, too, from the extra weight, my knees ached plenty. Having experienced dislocations, which are just awful, I was always afraid that it would happen again. Before I started my second 12 weeks, I went to Midlands Orthopedics to have my knees checked – and found out I had some osteoarthritis in both knees. I do daily exercises and take a great anti-inflammatory called Voltaren.

Before I started working out, I was also working through hip bursitis in my left hip. I’d had two injections and had just finished up a round of physical therapy when I started with Doctors Wellness. The PT gave me exercises and new ways of doing things, and it had just about cleared up totally when – bang – my left hip started hurting, just a few weeks ago. I’ve been doing exercises, sitting differently and the trainers have been working with me, and all of a sudden, it seemed to clear up.

I’ve also had issues with my feet, probably the worst being plantar fasciitis, that horrible sharp pain in the heel. It comes and goes, but had been dormant for some time. In December, I wore the wrong shoes to an event at 701 Gallery, and that, combined with standing on those concrete floors, made my right heel flare up. I’ve been stretching, icing and really wearing the right shoes. I’ve also traded the elliptical for the recumbent bike for a few weeks, and while I’m not pain free, I’m well on the road to recover.

So imagine my surprise in the last couple of weeks when my ELBOW started bothering me. At first, it just popped when I was doing push ups, then progressed to feeling like something was “catching.” Now I can’t support weights with my left arm – the elbow kinda gives way – and I’m having some aches in it when I first wake up and throughout the day…

Say WHAT? I’m eating well and working out – with people who know what they’re doing. I’ve lost 40+ lbs., which should make things easier on my joints. But still, I’m going through my share of aches and pains, and it stinks! The good thing is that, with the help of the trainers, I’ve been able to adjust my workouts and exercising to help alleviate the pain instead of just quitting the workouts.

Paul said that I have hypermobility, a condition in which the joints easily move beyond the normal range expected for a particular joint, and that it is easy for me to hyperextend the joints.  He’s giving some some tips to help prevent this, and I hope they start to help soon. In the meantime, I continue to stretch and ice, and wonder what’s next!

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  1. You KNOW I can relate! I have hypermobile elbows too but luckily haven't injured my arms. (knock on wood)

    Since starting running just a year and 3 months ago, I've irritated my old MCL injury, pulled my groin and now, as you know, am dealing with a 3 1/2-week-long debilitating hip flexor problem.

    But in the big picture, we're taking care of ourselves! Here's to quick recovery!


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