All Out of Whack Today

Sometimes weekends really mess me up! I’m supposed to eat every three to four hours: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. And it works really well on weekdays, but weekends can be a little more difficult.

This morning, we walked to Starbucks around 8:30 a.m. for coffee (plain) and oatmeal (also plain). We stayed a while and chatted, and when we got home, I took a little nap. Thus throwing off my eating schedule. Technically, I had my snack for lunch and didn’t do another afternoon snack. I guess that’s ok every now and then, but I need to do better on the weekends.

We had fun at Starbucks. Tom, the chef at Garibaldi’s, gave me some good tips for cooking vegetables. And another regular, Taylor, gave me some good suggestions, too. Problem is, I didn’t get around to cooking the Chayote squash, so I will have to do that tomorrow.

I’d hoped to get more cooking done, but I relaxed more than I planned. I did make a big bowl of Taco Soup, though, and will put a meatloaf in the crock pot tomorrow evening.

I need to plan well the next few days as I have events away from the office and after work this week. But most of all, I need to start settling down – tomorrow is an early morning at the gym.

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