Accidents and Magic Bullets

Today, I accidentally ordered a Magic Bullet. Seriously. I have on my iPhone, and it’s set to the “one-click” purchase option. I was looking at the Magic Bullet on today at lunch, and when I scrolled down, I bought it.

That’s actually not the only accident I’ve had with a Magic Bullet. I took a friend’s Magic Bullet to Kansas City last week so I could make my green drinks while at the APWA Center for Sustainability meeting. The first morning, I plugged it in and added water and kale. There was a lot of kale, so I stuck my hand in to compress it – and the Magic Bullet came on.

The thing nicked two fingers slightly, but really worked it’s “magic” on my index finger with cuts on both side and a nick out of my fingernail. After a call to fellow board member Keith Reester and hotel security, it was determined that 1) my finger was still attached; and 2) I would survive.  (I am now on antibiotics, however, ’cause fingers are important!)

But despite the Kansas City incident, I like the Bullet – it makes great green drinks and is pretty convenient to use. That is, when you don’t stick your hand in with the kale! So, even though it is an accidental purchase, I’m actually looking forward to having it.

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