A Reminder to Myself About Why I Am Doing This

Self tweeted a great piece this morning: Are You As Healthy As You Think You Are. For me, it was a great reminder why I’m undertaking this LEAN Team challenge:

  • Work out for two-plus hours a week and you’re up to 30 percent less likely to die in the next 20 years than if you sweat less. Being active not only keeps your weight in check, it helps maintain your blood pressure and lowers your risk for disease.
  • A body-mass index (a measure of body fat) under 23 makes you 2 1/2 times more likely to stay healthy and disease-free as you get older than if you’re overweight and sedentary.
  • A waist circumference of less than 37.7 inches cuts your mortality risk by 23 percent. Belly fat is associated with arterial inflammation and hardening, insulin resistance and hypertension—all heart stressors. Say no to trans fats, which can boost belly bulge.

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