9.19.10 AM

Fun morning! Sister and I met Mom for coffee at Starbucks. I subtly brought my own. The only thing I like at Starbucks? The lattes and sweet drinks. I don’t care for their regular coffee. It’s not that I can never have a latte again, but they’re definitely off the regular menu. I also made sure to eat breakfast before I went so I wouldn’t even be tempted by the pastries!

While we were there, I checked out the recipes in The Sneaky Chef and made a shopping list. This week, I plan to make power breakfast cookies and meatballs, both of which incorporate pureed veggies. By the way, The Sneaky Chef is on Facebook and Twitter.

And off we went to Publix. Grocery shopping has become an adventure, and I don’t even cry at the produce aisle anymore! Today, we had to have some help finding some veggies, and the nicest Publix employee named Matt helped us find zucchini. We also bought onion, broccoli, baby spinach and  cauliflower.

We have a full afternoon, but before we go, I’m going to make some “White Puree,” which is the base of several recipes that I’ll be trying this week. It include cauliflower and zucchini. Fun, huh? Update coming soon!

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