$55 @ 55

I’m posting from City Council this evening, where I am not on until #57 of a 61-item agenda! (And yep, I’ve been up and out since 4:30 am. Hope I’m still awake at #57!)

Last week, Traci challenged me to do something for someone else to celebrate my next milestone, which will be 55 lbs. lost.

It didn’t take me long to decide that when I hit this milestone, I will donate $55 to No Fizz Charlotte, an organization that promotes hydration, nutrition and physical activity in the Carolinas.

I first heard of NFC on Twitter, where they promote their 30-day no soda challenges and the virtues of drinking water. I started a challenge on September 1, 2010 and I haven’t had a soda since. It was really the first step in my current wellness program and one that has helped me be successful.

I haven’t weighed in a week, and I expect that it will likely be next week before I hit the magic number, but when it happens, I’m ready to make that online donation!

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